Monday, February 18, 2013

A productive day...

Today's agenda:
1) LAUNDRY... uggg.
2) Cook a new soup.
3) Take the papillon to the park for some fetch.

Anything else that's completed today is a bonus.

 So here goes nothing...
1)     I'll spare you the laundry pictures... I'm sure you've seen enough at your own home. It sucks no matter where it is.
2)   The soup

Kale, Bean & Sausage Soup

-     A bag of washed and cut kale (or a bunch)
-     1 can of white beans
-     2 garlic cloves
-     One box of chicken broth
-     4 dinner sized sausages (any flavor)
-     ½1/2 of an onion chopped

In a pot, sautéeé the onions, garlic, sausages and kale (until the kale is soft and the sausages and onions are brown). Add the beans & chicken broth. Allow to cook until the flavors are nicely mixed together (this requires many taste tests).

3)   This cute pup just loves the park, fetching, and a day off work. 

It was a good day.
- Nicola & the little pup

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