Sunday, March 31, 2013

Eggs... scrambled, fried, or dyed.


We’ve been a little late in our Easter preparedness this year opps.  The good news is... Things got done and that’s all that matters. In the last minute rush, I got some bright things. 

 I tried to make some practical baskets this year... filled with a few of their favorite things {and less candy -I know I'll eat it all if it's here... good planning on my part eh?}

We had a little dinner planned with Andrew's parents last night. I decided to decorate as if it was Easter already. Good thing I did because it's cold outside today! 

Craft attempt:
In my effort to be crafty, I tried to dye eggs with natural dyes from veggies and spices. Farmer Don at the Farmers market inspired me. I think I screwed it up because NONE of them worked. 

Lesson Learned: much easier to buy the dye packets but I will try again and let them soak for days. I let them soak for a few hours... that was NOT enough. 

 The final product: 

p.s. they were brown eggs before the dye,,, these ones were soaked in turmeric. they turned a little more gold...I guess.   

The little pup got an Easter duck from one of the kids at my work. He hasn't put it down all weekend. 

Hope you have a day filled with family, pups, and eggs.

-nicola & the little pup