Sunday, March 3, 2013

Bridesmaid duties... fulfilled & enjoyed!

My dear friend, Monique, is getting hitched! I think I mentioned that before on here. Anyway, yesterday was her bridal shower and she looked amazing.  Everything turned out perfect, including the 85 degree it should be for a bride-to-be. 
The Bride

The whole shower really came together. Lots of cute things to admire. 
Some of the things that we (my friend and fellow bridesmaid, Erica & I) made...


Cute Straws:  (I didn't make these, just provided them)
Note: straws make everything cuter.

 A game:

The bride LOVES the "Love Is" comic strip from the 60s.  So, we framed 8 "Love is" Cartoons that were picked by either the bride OR groom from the "Love is" books that the bride already had. They chose their favorite comics independently.  You could include as many as you like, we just used enough to decorate and keep the game short and sweet.  We used the frames as decor and when the game time came, we added numbers. Our guests had to walk around (and mingle) to look at all 8 frames and guess who picked each one. It's not as easy as it looks. 

Love advice: 

I made a "love notes" box for each guest to visit during the shower and write a little love advice for the bride-to-be.  


Baked brie cheese with apricot jam and jalapenos. Served with sliced french bread, of course.  The brides request. 

Don't mind the saran wrap.

 It was a great party for the beautiful bride. 

  Just so you know, I have already taken note of the fact that I need a tan before her wedding. 

-Nicola (the little pup was at home)

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