Wednesday, May 7, 2014

All things tasseled...

Lately, I've noticed that tassels are making a come back and I'm loving it. I'm not sure they ever really left, but I know that I could use more around my house...

This weekend we went to Maryland to see our friends June and Emy (and to check out Washington, DC). Emy (see her blog here: Emy's Blog) and I decided to step our crafting up a notch by trying to tackle a tasseled bag. We were inspired by good ol' pinterest and this cute blog (original tassel tote).  It wasn't a super hard craft, but it did take some time making all those tassels and tying all those mini knots... ugh! And the most difficult part was sewing them to the bag (my bag had a cotton liner, and embroidery thread is thick).

Here's how simple it is...

- embroidery thread (any colors you like)
- scissors
- a large needle (to sew the embroidery thread to the bag)
- an old bag (mine had a liner which was hard to sew. Emy's didn't, but she had to add a bead to the inside so that the tassel would stay in place).
Step 1: Make your tassels. You can find a million links with directions on Pinterest. They are super easy.
 Step 2: Lay them out to be sure that the colors are spread out the way you like them.

Step 3: Begin sewing them to the bag. This might take some time if you have a liner in your bag. We used a needle to get the thread through and tied knots on the inside to be sure that they stayed put. 

Step 4: Admire that beauty. 
The Front 
The Back.
Our bags. 
Emy's had a nice fold over the top with a gold edge. Any old bag you have looks cute. 

We're officially ready for summer! 

-Nicola & the little pup