Sunday, April 28, 2013

Up & at 'em

{at the crack of dawn}

Yesterday was the annual Balboa Island garage sale day. It’s a day that is filled with all kinds of treasure, chaos, and early risers. 

I was looking forward to it for 2 reasons (definitely NOT the early rising part):
1) Good finds for good prices.
2) It’s like a flea market. There are 50 homes selling things in one place.

Here are a few of my finds:
Ship Decanter ($5) & 2 glasses ($1 each)

A new bathroom set ($30) 

Mini Picture Frame ($1) and a German Wooden Seal ($2)  

Cute printed books ($1 each)

Containers ($10 for both) 

Cute Sheets! ($5) 

I would say
I nailed it.

-nicola & the little pup

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Home Tour

Yesterday’s post was depressing so I figured that I would post something more cheery & exciting today. When I read blogs, I love when people post pictures of their home. It usually inspires me to redecorate or move things around. Well, I decided to join the club (of home tours that is). 

Our home motto.... 

For those of you who don't know... we live on a cute little island. It's less of a house, and more of a beach cottage. This should explain the beach decor. For the record, we love this little place. It's tiny, but right by the water. As you can see, there's not much storage. 

The living room.

The pup's palace.

the kitchen.
(or should i say, The Teeny Tiny kitchen)

Shelves in the most random places.
Our Bedroom. 

The office.

My Jewelry.

The Bathroom.

Our house is small, but cozy and filled with love.

-Nicola & the Little Pup

Saturday, April 20, 2013

We're off...

It’s official Andrew, Miles & I are moving to
Raleigh, North Carolina…
 But not until the end of Summer! 

Andrew took a job at NC State. We took a trip out there this week and had until Thursday to decide whether or not we would like to take the offer. Talk about STRESS! So many factors to consider and so little time to do it. Overall, the job was too good to pass up (trust me, I tried to find some reasons not to go). 

It’s bittersweet, that’s for sure. It's good for us as a family, but completely sad and scary all at the same time. Miles will definitely need some prozac moving away from all of his doggie friends {and I might need some too}. 

This summer, Miles and I will be living it up in the OC (and Andrew too, when he’s home). 

Stay tuned.....

-Nicola & the Little Pup