Thursday, January 3, 2013

Things to remember...

You know what sounds great?  Remembering what amazing things you have done all year!  

  I think this may be just the solution:

Here is my version...

Supplies & assembly: 

I wanted this calendar to last {for the 10+ years that it's supposed to},  so I tried to find some well made (sturdy & cute) things to put this together. It looks pretty close to the original.

Plastic berry container: Homegoods 
Vintage postcards (all vertical and some are themed for the holiday of the month): American Rag
Vertical note cards: Staples
Date stamp: Staples (don't stamp the year, you write that on with each entry)

 It took about an hour to do all that stamping (which was rather boring). Once all of the cards are stamped, you simply put them all in order and divide the months with postcards.  Viola!

Daily Success: 

So far, I have been pretty good about writing down the highlight of my day. 100% of this year filled to date... all 3 days! :)

We'll see how long it lasts!


- Nicola


  1. Melissa- true, very true. I'm sure they get them at Staples.