Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Cheers to 2013

The little pup and I hope that you all had a wonderful & safe New Year's Eve.  

We spent NYE with our dear friends Jennifer and Ben (and their cute little boys too). We spend every New Years with them... usually with Bellinis, horns and poppers and sometimes with games and  Rock Band. It's always a good time.  Horns and poppers make every party better. I'm sure of it. 

To prepare, I decided to find something on my Pinterest that I had once pinned with good intentions to actually make.  I didn't have much time, so I picked something that I thought I could master on the first try. Oh the pressure.

We made something simple... sugar cookies... New Years Eve style.

The source for the original is no longer available. Just know that some creative lady and her kids came up with something like this. 
A few things you should know:
1) Writing with frosting deserves a medal.
2) Transporting these slippery, frosted, gooey gems may cause heart problems.
3) The clock design is cute, but really can't be saved if one falls (or gets eaten by Andrew).  There's no recovering.

They made it!

Nice  pours Ben. We know who your favorite is. Warning: Cookie transportation will lead to drinking {and then eating lots of cookies}.

The little pup had a good evening too. Lots of love and good cheer for him. 
Probably because of his bow tie.

So many kisses.
He had been eyeballing those horns all night. Imagine his excitement when he finally got a hold of one.

Happy New Year everyone! 
Cheers to 2013.

- Nicola

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