Saturday, January 19, 2013

Oh, how I LOVE etsy...

Recently, etsy has crept back into my life. For months, I liked things, but never found anything I wanted to actually order. Now, I’m back to my good-old-etsy-ordering-self! 

Some recent purchases:

My new birthday calendar:
 New packaging: 
 A handsome bow tie (not the dog... in your dreams):

These packages may have come at just the right time...when I was home, sick, and bored. This week, I have decided that I have a new appreciation for mail, a new understanding of old people who wait for it, and a love for fast shipping (this last one is not new, but worth mentioning).

My wish list/ full shopping cart:

A herringbone scarf: 
A paper garland: 
 A good reminder:  
A s&p addition:

There's nothing better to do when you're sick than ordering things online and collecting the packages at the door. The little pup loves barking at the UPS guy too. Entertainment for all.

-Nicola & the Little Pup

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