Thursday, October 3, 2013

The little yellow house has a glam squad.

Since we've moved in, I've replaced a lot of the existing lighting. I really think that swanky lights make a room look that much more finished... sadly, most of our rooms aren't even close to being finished.  But it's coming along. 

 The NEW lighting... 
The hallway

Spare bedroom # 2- still needs to be converted to a ceiling light.


Master bedroom... it's huge. It doesn't look that big in this picture. 
Pool Room stair lighting

Dining room lights. 

Over the kitchen table (that hasn't arrived yet). 
And if lighting wasn't enough, we've found SOME furniture to fill the rest of this place up. Most of it still hasn't arrived. I practically wait by the door everyday in hopes that something BIG will be dropped off. One day...

The NEW furniture... 
Master bedroom. One day I'll actually hang that frame.

Master Bedroom
Master bedroom- hers.

Master bedroom- his. 

Master Bedroom

These will go in the recessed sitting area once the couch comes... 

Recessed sitting area. A crank table... YES PLEASE. 

The office. 
So far, it's semi-livable. I am getting a little over not having a couch. Everyone... hug and appreciate your couch today. 

More updates to come! 

-Nicola & the little pup


  1. Your place is looking GREAT! I absolutely love your furniture. I feel your pain.. our first 3 weeks in our apartment we didn't have a couch and we used a blow up mattress that I had to blow up literally every other hour because it had a hole in it.. haha hang in there!
    Nikki at

    1. Thanks Nikki! We were in beach chairs for so long... Ugg!

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    1. I didn't mean to remove this! I'm so sorry... Now you look all inappropriate. :P please repost it if you see this!

    2. Stop making me look so inappropriate! ;)

  3. My favorites: Closet light, kitchen light and crank table. Starting to look so cute Nicola!