Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fried everything AND animals for sale...

The State Fair 
is serious business around here... 

Literally people buy, sell, trade, and show their animals. I was tempted to go home with a few. Turns out, they're affordable!  

We had company this weekend. our friends Andy and Jenny came to visit and what better way to introduce them to NC than a trip to the fair. 

For sale: $35.00 for the pair! 

Halloween's around the corner. 

One more month and these poor babies will be goners. :(

Kids showing their livestock. The judge literally said, "she has a nice brisket".
 I almost became a vegetarian on the spot. 

Jenny and Andy

The blurry shot of us. 
  In hopes of finding the best food, we asked the police officers about the 'best bbq at the fair'. They sent us to a random grill vendor who spent the day cooking to show off his fancy grills. it turned out that he didn't sell food, but fed all of the police officers everyday to thank them for their service. He was nice enough to invite us in to eat for free. and it was the 'BEST'! The best part was when he gave us all of his recipes to help the "californians" fit in around here a little better. 
 Glad to have met my new BFF, Ned. 

Winner: 700 lb pumpkin!

A little theif. 

NC state makes their own ice cream. It's only sold at the fair and on campus. It was delicious. 

Pig races were great, but mini goat and duck races were better!

Even the signs were a little bit country. :)

As a bonus, we took Andy and Jenny to the morning times and the NC state campus for a visit. Miles was in on the trip. 

New friends. 

This might have been one of the funniest parts of the day. Gotta reach to greet that one...  

Miles is joining the Wolfpack.

the library

Miles knows the word "wait" and the cross walk kindly announces "wait" until it's time to go. miles was very interested in this. i think he could get around campus safely without me.
Overall, it was a fun weekend. I still might go back for some of those farm animals... gotta get my backyard fort up to par. 

-nicola & the little pup

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