Thursday, September 5, 2013

Our first place...

The house (before we add any charm :)
Let me formally introduce you to our new home! It's in Raleigh, North Carolina and I just saw it for the first time a few days ago. Andrew came and picked it out, bought it, and moved in before I got here. 

 There is plenty to be done around here.  The place was move in ready, but has some things that need some updating to make them feel more like ours.  That said, I am becoming a regular at Lowes and Home Depot (someone get me a show on HGTV already). Things are changing daily. :)  Here are the pictures of some of the downstairs rooms of the house. I wanted to post them so that I can compare them as they change and grow over time.  I have big plans for this little place. 

Front Porch

Some new curb appeal :) I felt that stripes and flowers would encourage me to keep unpacking.

Front entry way


Classy living room seating arrangement.

Living room with things piled around.

Dining room/ pseudo office

Fireplace in the living room (changing soon)

Kitchen (changing soon too) and my Barista :)

Dining room (waiting for the table and lights)

Kitchen extra space.  The chalk board is on an existing nail and will move. Apparently, I wrote on it upside down... no time for that now. 

I have been spending my days unpacking, organizing, cleaning, fixing, and shopping. When I am relaxing, I am scratching all of my bug bites. Lesson learned: don't play ball with the pup in the evening.  

I'll be updating the blog much more often with the changes that we have going on around here. It's fun to watch all of the online purchases come together. :)

-Nicola & the Little Pup


  1. Congrats to you and your hubby (and puppy), Nicola! The place is gorgeous. I can't imagine how you'll improve it but I'm sure it will be even more amazing =)

    1. Thanks Azra! It will be fun to watch it change in the next few months. :)