Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Busy, Busy, & Busy

Oh boy, are we busy around here. We are in the process of moving Andrew home from Virginia, buying a house, and packing up this one. Not exactly my idea of summer fun.

Summer will begin as soon as this house is packed...

 All I can think about these days is light fixtures. Our new house (which closes escrow in about 10 days) has some outdated (and not so cute) light fixtures. And since that is such an easy fix, I am determined to get that done the second we move in. I don't want to spend too much on them because this is not a house I plan to live in forever.

Anyway, the problem is deciding... 

Polished Nickel (Kichler) 


Seeded Glass and Nickel (Jamie Young & Livex Milford Lighting) 

Dining Room options:
West Elm



There are plenty of other options... the fun is just beginning. 

I still need to pick paint colors to cover the lovely green and purple walls. I need lights for the front of the house and the bathrooms. And LOTS of furniture.... Looks like an expensive year. My lucky husband!

-Nicola & the little pup

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