Wednesday, October 8, 2014

15-LOVE... (see what I did there)

A fun little D.I.Y

Add a little color to your home with some homemade Rainbow Rackets. 

A few months ago I made my tassel bag with my friend Emy (see previous blog post).  I had a bunch of left over embroidery thread from that project that I wanted to put to good use. Emy had just finished a cute racket of her own (that inspired me-obviously) and with my  3+ hour drive from DC to NC, I figured I had time to waste tying knots and wrapping thread. I started with the "heart" racket... which was super easy and just takes some planning before you start.  This DIY can definitely be done while watching TV in your PJ's. Trust me.  I think they would be so cute hanging in a kids room! And I love that you can create whatever you want.  

1.  I found the rackets at a thrift shop for about $1. Can't beat that! I prefer older looking rackets (all wood). Plus, I like reusing!
2. Embroidery Thread (Michaels or Joann's fabric has a bunch). 

My embroidery thread. I like lots of options. 

How to:
1. Gather your materials.
2. Choose a design... you can create anything that you can visualize in squares. 
3. Choose your starting point and tie your embroidery thread in a knot in that location. 
4. Wrap the thread until you get to the desired stopping point. 
5. Tie another knot to end the color. 
6. Move to the next color and/or design.

The heart.
Modern plus signs.

 The finished products...

Have fun!
-Nicola & the little pup

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