Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I've been dreaming of a big, huge veggie garden. You know, the kind that has such a great supply that you have to give some away because you can't keep up with it. Like this...

A few things take the wind from my sails when it comes to gardening around here... 
1) The weather
It changes so much here that I can't quite keep up. One day it's freezing and there's an ice storm, and the next is 80 degrees with a tornado watch.  That said, keeping things alive can be tricky.

2) The pesky squirrels and rabbits
I think they are adorable and may or may not feed them. However, they eat EVERYTHING. I     bought a fig tree in the fall. When I brought it home it had about 10 figs on it that were almost ready to eat. I planted it in a pot on my patio and watered it daily. Each day figs were missing. I looked all over the ground, thinking that they had fallen off. One morning, I caught a little pesky squirrel on my tree snatching a delicious fig...caught red handed!  Who knew they jacked fresh fruit? The California squirrels are all radio active and stick to old trash. And to make matters worse, the papillon was sleeping on his patio watch job.

3) I don't have the money or space to pull that garden off. One can dream.

I decided to start small. I started my garden indoors when the weather totally sucked. I picked up seeds of some of the veggies that we eat often with hopes that we would just have ONE fresh salad from the yard this summer. I like to set small, attainable goals. :)

As much as I wanted raised garden beds, I don't know my yard well enough to actually spend the time and money building them. The trees have no leaves right now, and I can't remember what the yard looked like before winter hit around here. I would hate to build it and find that it's the shadiest part of the yard. 

The solution: 

Movable tubs! I found these at the flea market. I plan to get about 5 more so that I can line them up in the sunny spots. So far, so good. I'm thinking that the little pup helps manage the wildlife around here (when he is not napping or watching TV). Most dogs bark and scare the animals away. Miles is smarter than that... he cries and whines for them to stay and is so annoying that they never return. Works for me. 

Any gardening tips from the locals? 
Cross your fingers for me. 

-Nicola & the Little Pup



  1. I've been wanting to start a veggie/herb garden at our new place.. maybe you can give me some pointers and help! :)
    Nikki at

  2. Looks great, good job! I'm in the process of starting my garden too! We've got rototilling scheduling for this weekend, fun haha. What did you plant? I already have strawberries and green onions in full force but am going to add a few more things.