Saturday, May 18, 2013

Tea time.

 I invested in a loose leaf tea set. I know, I know, it was very ENGLISH of me. 

So far, I’ve only purchased 2 types of tea and I love them both... an Oolong and a Green.
I think. 

The equipment: 

Perfectly measured tea (not really, I actually have no idea how much to use):

The Brew: 

started with leaf balls

ended with loose leaves

 The Final Product:  

Oh, and it was time to prepare for summer and bust this bad boy out:

Not sure how to loose leaf in this thing.

As for the little pup he remains cozy while I brew.
 As usual.

Lots of Tea happening around here these days. 
Any tea drinkers out there with any advice or recommendations?

-nicola & the little pup

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